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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I need a prescription refill; can I call the office with the request?
  2. When should I expect to hear about my test results?
  3. I have a new symtoms; what do I do?
  4. I am having side effect from my medication; what do I do?
  5. Do I need to bring my medications to my appointment?
  6. How soon do I see a neurologist after being released from the hospital?
  7. How do I obtain a copy of my health information/medical records?
  8. Where can I download forms for new and existing patient?
  9. Next

Answer 1:

Our policy is prescriptions are filled during follow up visits. In the rare instance one is needed in between visits,
please have your pharmacy contact us directly.

Answer 2:

We discuss lab and imaging tests at office appointments. The provider will review the test results in the interim and you will be contacted
if there is something to be discussed prior to your next appointment

Answer 3:

If you are an established patient, utilize the patient portal to send a message to the office or call 661.322.3008.

Answer 4:

Contact our office at 661.322.3008, and speak with a medical assistant via the triage line.
For severe reactions or an emergency situation, please report to the nearest emergency room for immediate treatment or call 911

Answer 5:

Yes! You should bring all medication, vitamin, and supplement bottles to each appointment. This is to prevent error in treatment or potential drug interactions and provide continuation of care

Answer 6:

If required, usually we see hospital follow up patients 3-4 weeks after discharge or as determined by the provider

Answer 7:

During normal business hours, you may come to the office with identification and sign a HIPAA compliant authorization.  If it is not practical for you to come to the office, you may mail a notarized HIPAA complaint authorization to us and we will mail the copies to you or to whomever you designate.  We will be happy to mail you a HIPAA complaint authorization for you to sign in front of the notary if you need one.  If your records are not within the last 7 years, they may have to be obtained from our storage facility.  Routine requests take approximately one week.  Requests for patient care are processed immediately.

Answer 8:


Answer 9:

Please call the office at 661.322.3008

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